• COVID-19 has placed a tremendous strain on healthcare systems globally
  • Fragmentation across provider settings has emerged as a challenge for many countries to provide services in a timely, effective and integrated way
  • Aceso Global is bringing representatives from across the developing world to learn from each other’s innovations and co-produce tangible, actionable outputs to improve care coordination for COVID-19

Aceso Global is strengthening the health system response to COVID-19 by bringing together countries to explore and learn from each other’s various models, practices and innovations in providing comprehensive and continuous COVID-19 case management and maintenance of essential non-COVID care across multiple care settings. Through the Joint Learning Network’s (JLN) Learning Exchange entitled “COVID-19: Triaging the Patient Journey,” Aceso Global will facilitate a 6-month virtual engagement for countries and health systems to share relevant experiences to generate actionable outputs that can be adapted and implemented across country contexts.

The Learning Exchange is an initiative of the Joint Learning Network (JLN), an innovative, country-driven network of healthcare practitioners and policymakers from low- and middle-income countries globally who work together to bridge the gap between evidence and action in the health sector. 

Support from: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



Jerry La Forgia

CTO & Founding Director

Jonty Roland

Associate Director

Anna Bonfert

Health Economist

Madeleine Lambert

Senior Analyst

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