• Brazil offers an example in how to harness transition from Global Fund support for sustained health gains
  • Aceso Global produced a case study to assess the transition process in Brazil and disseminate best practices

Aceso Global’s case study on Brazil assesses the transition process from Global Fund support to full domestic responsibility for the national tuberculosis (TB) and malaria programs. The case study highlights the high value of Global Fund support to catalyze innovation, and to learn from and scale up innovations. Brazil made major gains in malaria control through targeted Global Fund-supported control and management initiatives, which were gradually transferred to public financing and management. The case study provides lessons for other countries and donors looking to bolster the sustainability of donor investments in HIV, TB and malaria.

Support from: The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria



Maureen Lewis

CEO & Founding Director

Anna Bonfert

Health Economist

Pedro Chequer

Senior Non-Resident Associate

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