• Progress towards UHC globally has been impressive, but many remain underserved
  • Effective targeting mechanisms can direct limited resources to those who need them most
  • Aceso Global is bringing representatives from 13 countries together to learn from each other’s experiences and co-produce practical outputs to support improved population targeting mechanisms

Aceso Global is strengthening efforts to achieve Universal Health Coverage by bringing together countries to think about how to adopt more effective targeting mechanisms that can direct resources to those who are underserved by current systems. Through the Joint Learning Network’s (JLN) Learning Collaborative on Population Targeting, Aceso Global has established a platform for JLN members to increase their understanding of effective targeting systems for health. Typical of the JLN approach, the Collaborative focuses on practical and actionable components of effective targeting systems. The activities of the Collaborative are being defined jointly with country participants, and may include:

  • synthesizing and sharing experiences;
  • distilling lessons learned from country experiences;
  • specifying the steps needed to prepare, design and test practical interventions in JLN member countries. 

The Learning Collaborative is an initiative of the Joint Learning Network (JLN), an innovative, country-driven network of healthcare practitioners and policymakers from low- and middle-income countries globally who work together to bridge the gap between evidence and action in the health sector. 


Support from: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, German Society for International Cooperation, Rockefeller Foundation, The World Bank



Jerry La Forgia

CTO & Founding Director

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Senior Analyst

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Associate Director

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Health Economist

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