• Angola’s pharmaceutical sector suffers from inefficiencies, waste, high costs and fraud including high rates of counterfeits
  • Aceso Global is leading an in-depth study for the Government of Angola to provide recommendations on overhauling the system to promote value for money, quality and availability of medicines

Aceso Global is leading an assessment of Angola’s pharmaceutical sector to identify bottlenecks and pinpoint inefficiencies. Analytic areas include: the public procurement and distribution systems, private sector supply chain management, and fraud prevention and quality control mechanisms. Data from Angola – collected through site visits, interviews and a review of the literature – is being complemented by international evidence and best practices from other sub-Saharan African and middle-income countries. Once complete, the analysis and recommendations will provide actionable, forward-looking advice to the GoA on how to strengthen the performance of the pharmaceutical sector, to improve value for money in the public sector and to raise the quality, availability and affordability of medicines overall. 

Support from: Government of Angola


Maureen Lewis

CEO & Founding Director

Anna Bonfert

Health Economist

Jesse Heitner

Health Economist

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