The rising epidemic of non-communicable diseases in emerging markets is the next great global health challenge. To address this shift in the disease burden away from communicable diseases, foundations have to invest in developing knowledge solutions, and move towards integrating primary and last-mile care into functioning hospital networks to amplify impact. Our services help forward-thinking foundations meet this goal by providing research, assessments, and the best technical advice. 





increasing access

Foundations strive to broaden health access to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) as well as to achieve their own goals. Aceso Global provides support by designing integrated care solutions that improve referral networks between primary care clinics and hospitals.

We provide:

•  Integrating primary care into a hospital system
•  Meeting demand through greater efficiency and resource allocation
•  Harnessing technology to reduce financial strain


driving quality

Foundations are interested in improving quality to complement their efforts to broaden access. Aceso Global assists in reform efforts, incentive alignment, evaluation, and benchmarking, which is necessary to establish a baseline for any future efforts.  

We provide:

•  Improving incentives and management practices
•  Public hospital reform
•  Patient Flow analysis and optimization
•  Benchmarking
•  Impact evaluation



As the global disease burden shifts, new research is urgently necessary to design solutions for a new set of global health problems. Aceso Global utilizes the deep experience of its staff and consultants to conduct original research, build knowledge platforms, and offer policy advice on hospital governance, anti-corruption, integrated care, and more.

We provide:

•  Service delivery implementation analysis
•  Case studies
•  Building knowledge streams and networks
•  Transition readiness assessments

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