People Centered Integrated Care (PCIC)

Aceso Global is leading the new Joint Learning Network (JLN) Learning Exchange focused on care integration and new roles for hospitals in emerging market health systems. Our involvement is part of our efforts to promote new service delivery models based on People Centered Integrated Care (PCIC). This grant is part of a larger Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation award to strengthen and expand the JLN’s work towards achieving universal health coverage.

PCIC is an emerging care model that places patient needs at the center of the health system, and ultimately aims to improve the effectiveness of health service delivery by providing the right service, in the right place, at the right time and at a cost affordable to society and individuals. PCIC prioritizes primary care as the bedrock of a health system, focuses on prevention and continuous lifetime healthcare, views patients as partners in health management, integrates care delivery at professional, clinical and organizational levels, relies on teams and networks, and incentivizes care management, population health, quality and efficiency. PCIC also seeks to foster strong linkages between primary care providers and hospitals, which will be the focus of our Learning Exchange.

Aceso Global’s role in the JLN Learning Exchange revolves around two main activities: knowledge building and collaboration with other JLN technical initiatives.

Our knowledge-building activities include a scoping exercise with JLN countries to assess and discuss vertical integration experiences and challenges within these countries, 12 short case studies on vertical integration initiatives across the world and the co-production of a replicable knowledge product designed to increase vertical integration in JLN countries. We will use the virtual scoping exercises to launch the collaboration and develop a knowledge product jointly with representatives of JLN member countries.

In collaboration with other JLN technical initiatives, we will produce PCIC monitoring indicators and will participate in other JLN initiatives related to provider payments, information technologies and primary care. Our partners across JLN initiatives include PATH, the World Bank, Results for Development, Qualis Health, and Ariadne Labs.