Service Delivery Reform

Innovations for Sustainable Healthcare in Brazil: Value-based Care

This presentation explores the challenges facing the Brazilian healthcare sector in terms of quality, efficiency and outcomes. It draws from the US experience with value-based care to highlight possible directions for innovation in Brazil, with a focus on integrated care, alternative payment mechanisms and new roles for information technology. Aceso Global CEO Maureen Lewis delivered this presentation at the seminary Dasa/Valor Econômico in São Paulo, Brazil, in November 2018.


Bloomberg's Call to Action - Broadening the Agenda for Action

Aceso Global CEO Maureen Lewis explores the new health agenda laid out by Michael Bloomberg in his Annual Letter on Philanthropy mandated by the rapid shift in disease prevalence from infectious to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in low- and middle-income countries. She argues that while prevention will be critical to the future fight against NCDs, as laid out by Bloomberg, a robust agenda remains for treating and managing patients currently suffering from these conditions. Effectively meeting this agenda will require not only restructuring the healthcare delivery system to meet the needs of the chronically ill, but also a shift in the international donor community's focus to concentrate on the emerging challenge of NCDs.