Patient Flow Analysis: Innovation for OECD & Emerging Market Hospitals

This presentation provides a basic introduction to Patient Flow Analysis (PFA) and its applications and relevance to hospitals in emerging markets. Specific international examples highlight the benefits of PFA for hospitals, including increased patient and staff satisfaction, greater patient throughput, reduced costs, and less chaotic hospital environments. The presentation concludes with an overview of Aceso Global’s ongoing work in Mexico on this topic, including specific metrics and measures used to perform PFA, and potential challenges that can arise when attempting to implement patient flow management changes. 

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Qualihosp: 2015: Desempenho em Sistemas de Saúde

This product provides an overview of global trends in hospital policy. The OECD faces a growing burden of chronic and multi-diagnosis illnesses, resulting in new challenges with strong implications for health care and hospital care provision. In the wake of these epidemiological shifts and changing demographics, policymakers are working to improve efficiency and contain costs in order to improve hospital quality and financial sustainability. The product outlines policies and strategies for addressing these challenges. 

Note: Available in Portuguese. 

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